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Why Python in Data Science?

For many people, python has a strong reputation. Since its first appearance in 1991, python has become one of the most popular interpreted languages, along with Perl, Ruby, and others.

Python and Ruby have become particularly popular since 2005 or so, due to their increased use for building websites using various web frameworks, such as Rails (Ruby) and Django (Python).

Often called Scripting Languages, these languages ​​can be used to write small programs quickly, or to automate some tasks. The term “scripting language” denotes that the language cannot be used to build huge programs, but this meaning is far from…

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In a previous article, I wrote about the tree types of recommender systems:

However, it is extremely important to understand how can we evaluate recommendation systems automatically. This allows us to perform rapid development of the system we are working on, and evaluate different experiment parameters and choose the best performing one.

How to Evaluate Recommendation Systems

Earlier, many of the recommendation algorithms were evaluated based on their accurate predictions. However, this was not the best approach to evaluate recommender systems. Even though predicting users’ exact needs is crucial, it is not enough in most of the cases.

“A lot of times, people don’t know…

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I joined Medium earlier this month, and it has been amazing journey so far, I am really glad that I am here. However, I would like to ask the amazing team of Medium to improve the statistics page, so we have a better clue about our articles.

Search Keywords in Medium Articles

Some data about search keywords will help us to understand if we are using friendly headlines, descriptions and titles for our articles. I use Google Search Console for my own website and it helps me a lot. …

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In this set of lessons, I will write about privacy in machine learning, answering some confusing questions about he most essential concepts in the digital era.

What is Privacy?

Many legal systems protect a right to privacy, however privacy remains an elusive and controversial concept.

Barendt [2] addressed that some writers have rejected the idea that there is a discrete right to privacy, it is derivative from well-established rights, such as property rights and personal rights not to be touched or observed without consent, and it would be possible to dispense with it as a distinct right.

Hypothetically, if a person intruded into…

Aging is often associated with the development of one or more chronic diseases. Aging can be associated with a heart attack or stroke, or the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cancer, a hip fracture due to osteoporosis, or Alzheimer’s . Your risk of disease and disability increases with a genetic predisposition, insufficient physical activity, and a poor diet;

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So could good nutrition be the key to a longer, healthier life?

Japan contains the largest number of centenarians in the world, especially in the Okinawa region; so what is the Okinawa diet?

The Okinawa Diet

The Okinawa Diet refers to the traditional dietary…

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In this tutorial, I’ll go through an example of a multi-class linear classification problem using PyTorch. The goal is to learn PyTorch to gain practical skills in building machine learning models.


Training models in PyTorch requires much less of the kind of code that you are required to write.

However, PyTorch hides a lot of details of the computation, both of the computation of the prediction, and the computation of the gradients.

Introduce the MNIST dataset

The MNIST dataset contains black and white, hand-written (numerical) digits that are 28x28 pixels large.

This is a data set that is typically used for demonstrations of machine…

In this article I will discuss how social media websites consume our time, energy and money, and what can we do about that.

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Ordinary people spend approximately 1,471 hours or 61 days a year watching TV, video games, and social media, which account for 400 hours per year alone according to the 2018 study, and this is per capita only.

If you multiply this number by the total number of working and school-age residents, you will find Billions of hours lost and wasted behind screens.

While learning any new skill will not take much of the time you spend while browsing social media, for example learning to ski or swim in order to avoid drowning or even a new language, all of this…

In this article I will talk about strategic intelligence, how to apply it in organizations and how to be a strategically intelligent manager.

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What is Strategic Intelligence?

The views of researchers and experts have varied on the concept of strategic intelligence, and this disparity is due to the relative newness in the study of its dimensions.

Some believe that it is a systematic and continuous process to produce the necessary information in a practical form to facilitate long-term decision-making. I think that this definition focuses on the use of strategic intelligence in the decision-making process.

Others believe that it is an informational process through…

In this article, I will present the perspectives of a Syrian girl into the Israeli series ‘Shtisel’ that led to its success.

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In one scene in the television series “Shtisel”, a bearded man appears accompanying his son, who has reached the age of commission, on his first trip to Medina, where the Jewish seminary is located to teach the Torah and Talmud. They both wear the black hat with wide brims and hanging behind their ears, the long tresses that characterize the ultra-Orthodox fundamentalists.

The boy had not previously left the isolated community in which he lived, and it was…

Moments after the death of the Egyptian activist: Nawal El Saadawi, thousands of tweets and social media posts from Islamic extremists have blown-up the internet with celebration and hatred speech, here is why.

Nawal El Saadawi. Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images

What happened?

Moments after the death of the Egyptian activist: Nawal El Saadawi, thousands of tweets and social media posts from Islamic extremists have blown-up the internet with celebration and hatred speech.

AlJazeera news (Qatar-owned news agency), has been always a close friend with Muslim brotherhood, so the way AlJazeera dealt with Nawal’s death has to different perspectives.

When trargeting world-wide audience, AlJazeera did not want to sound against…

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